Vendor Risk Management As A Service

We provide on-demand vendor risk assessments for your business.


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Managed Service

Ensure your program is running smoothly and efficiently

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Conducting Assessments

Leverage vendor risk experts to thoroughly review the security posture of vendor

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Reporting Risks

Keep the Leadership Team, Customers and Regulators informed on the vendor risk program at your company

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Teepee was born out of the idea that vendor risk should be efficient and straightforward – not costly and complex. There’s no reason you can’t have just as good of a vendor
risk program as any organization in the world.

Why Teepee

How It Works

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Teepee helps you identify your most critical vendors

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Teepee reaches out to vendors on your behalf

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Teepee reviews vendor security data and creates a comprehensive report

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Take action

Teepee takes the appropriate action to remediate identified risks

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Partner With Teepee

Teepee combines best in breed technology, widely recognized security frameworks and talented security professionals to run your vendor risk program in a reliable and cost effective way.

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