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About Teepee

Teepee provides vendor risk management for its customers with an effective and highly cost-efficient managed service model.

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About Teepee

Teepee was born out of the idea that the world of vendor risk is currently upside down. Rather than many companies do an average review of a vendor, why shouldn’t resources be pooled to create one comprehensive, expert review of a vendor.

Teepee combines professional expertise and technology with the most accepted security frameworks to create a 360 degree view of a vendor. This review is at the center of managing the vendor risk program for any company in need of building and maintaining a vendor risk program

Our Solution

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To help companies share their data more securely with vendors and help vendors improve their cybersecurity.


Our Vision

To change the way that companies conduct vendor risk so that it is better, less expensive, faster and more reliable.


Our Values

Serve Our Customers
We want to develop a strong relationship while at the same time solve a huge problem for our customers.

Promote Our Employees
We want to develop a strong career path for our employees where they can grow personally, financially and professionally.

Reward Our Shareholders
We want to develop a strong and lasting business model that gives a return to our investors for their investment in us.

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