September 15, 2020

Teepee Manages Your Vendor Risk Program

Teepee is a cybersecurity service that performs vendor risk assessments on behalf of customers. We created Teepee to take a complex, technical and expensive process and make it into one that is affordable and reliable.

Companies have a responsibility to assess their Tier 1 vendors on an annual basis. It’s a time consuming and monotonous process that can frustrate even the most disciplined teams. Teepee solves this problem by having our professionals focus on one task and one task alone: conducting vendor risk assessments.

Here is a list of services that we will perform when you engage with Teepee. We have these listed on our Pricing page as well.

    • Vendor Risk Policy Review
    • Vendor Intake Form Creation
    • Inherent Risk Model Creation
    • Vendor Scoring Model
    • Vendor Data Review
    • Q&A With Vendor
    • Creation of Vendor Risk Summary Report
    • Annual Issuance of Vendor Risk Summary Report
    • Track Ongoing Vendor Compliance

When you work with us, we will be an extension of your team, managing your vendor risk program as you would, but without the headache. We will consult closely with you on strategy and program milestones while taking the daily tasks off your plate.

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