Three Challenges For Vendor Risk Professionals

I recently watched the classic Japanese animation film ‘Spirited Away’. It was a magnificent movie, full of visual enchantment and...Read More >

Banks and Vendor Risk Management

For a long time, banks in the United States have had a more rigorous vendor risk management process due to...Read More >

A New Model For Vendor Risk Management

Teepee has developed a new model for vendor risk management. The prevailing model encourages companies to conduct a risk assessment...Read More >

Teepee Manages Your Vendor Risk Program

Teepee is a cybersecurity service that performs vendor risk assessments on behalf of customers. We created Teepee to take a...Read More >

Vendor Risk Management Has Arrived

I recently gave a presentation on the topic of vendor cyber risk management and one of the topics that I...Read More >

The Renewal Assessment Is What Gets You

Gloria Estefan has a song where she says “The rhythm is gonna get you”. In the world of vendor risk...Read More >

Shadow Buying And Vendor Assessments

One of the largest problems in vendor risk management is a company not conducting a security assessment of the vendor...Read More >

Vendor Risk In The Media – WSJ: The Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks—and Why

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) posted an article with research they conducted entitled The Industries Most Vulnerable to Cyberattacks –...Read More >

Vendor Risk Management: The Rise Of The Marketplace App

I had a great conversation with a CISO of a small tech company that brought up a growing issue in...Read More >

Should I Assess The Product Or The Company? Using Salesforce As An Example

This is a question that I’ve heard 50+ times over the past few years from a variety of companies that...Read More >

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